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Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery

Rotator Cuff-Repair

The rotator cuff is a firm and slender sheet of tissue composed of terminal tendinous ends of four different muscles and is responsible for the lifting the arm to overhead.

This structure can be damaged due to chronic repetitive action in sports, ageing process or during injury. This condition can be detected in clinical examination by the surgeon and also by magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) scan.

The torn rotator cuff tendon is repaired arthroscopically using suture anchors. After arthroscopic rotator cuff repair the patient will regain his native range motions of the shoulder joint in after programmed rehabilitation following the surgery.

Labrum Reconstruction


The labrum is a bumper like tissue located in margins of glenoid bone constraining the arm bone within it and thereby preventing the dislocation of the shoulder joint. There are three major labrum regions named geographically in reference to the location of attachment to the glenoid namely the anterior, posterior and superior.

This tissue may get avulsed from the bone during dislocation due to injury or epileptic episode leading to recurrent episodes of dislocation.

The avulsed labrum tissue can be repaired to the glenoid bone margin thereby preventing further dislocation of the shoulder joint. The corresponding labrum is reconstructed to correct the different instability conditions. For example, in anterior instability the anterior labrum is reconstructed.

Sub Acromial Bursa Decompression


The subacromial bursa is a gelatinous tissue situated between acromion process of the scapula bone and the arm bone. This tissue provides the necessary lubrication during the various movements of the shoulder joint. When the bursa is inflamed due to degeneration the movements of shoulder especially forward flexion and overhead abduction become severely painful and restricted. Symptomatic sub acromial bursitis is treated by decompressing the subacromial space by debriding off the inflamed and degenerate bursa tissue using arthroscopy.

Capsule Release

Chronic adhesive capsulitis is a condition where in the capsule of the shoulder joint is contracted resulting in severe pain and significant reduction in the range of movement of the shoulder joint. The contracted joint capsule is released arthroscopically.