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Arthroscopy is minimally invasive surgery of the joints. It is performed through very small incisions (measuring around 5mm) rather than opening up the entire joints in conventional surgery techniques

Knee, shoulder, hip and ankle joints are the ones where arthroscopy surgery is commonly performed.

Knee joint: ACL tear, PCL tear, MPFL tear, Collateral ligament tear, cartilage injury and wear, early osteoarthritis.

Shoulder joint: Rotator cuff tear, Labrum tear, adhesive capsulitis(frozen shoulder), subacromial impingement

Hip joint: FAI, intraraticular loose body, biopsy

Ankle joint: Osteochondritis dissecans, haglund deformity bump excision, ankle arthrodesis

  • Minimal postoperative pain
  • Earliest return to work
  • Day surgery
  • Reduced treatment costs
  • Quick rehabilitation and recovery to pre injury sporting level.
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