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Ankle Arthroscopy Surgery

Osteochondritis Dissecans(OCD)


In OCD involving the tibio talar joint the lesion can either be fixed or debrided arthroscopically depending on the size of lesion.

The smaller lesions are debrided off and larger ones are fixed with bio absorbable pins or titanium self-compression screws.

Haglund Deformity Bump Excision


Chronic tendinitis of the Achilles tendon is caused by pressure from impingement of posterior prominence of the calcaneum bone leading to painful ankle.

In patients for whom there is no significant response to conservative treatment, the bony prominence is burred out arthroscopically thereby relieving the ankle of pain.

Ankle Arthrodesis

Ankle arthrodesis is surgical fusion of joint performed for severe osteoarthritis. In this procedure articulation cartilage surfaces of the tibia and talus are arthroscopically debrided and fused to each other with percutaneous screws.